Learning and Doing

We often discuss how children learn through ‘doing’ and in one ‘walk around the school’ yesterday it was wonderful to see some of the interesting learning and ‘doing’ that was occurring across the school.


In a snapshot, the Foundation children were developing their narrative and storytelling skills through using a piece of string that was manipulated to represent the different parts of the tale. The string became a smile, a basket, a face… the children were totally engaged in the process and developing their language and motor skills congruently. At the same time, the Year 3/4 students were developing their coding skills and understanding through the process of finger knitting. Whilst the children were learning the knitting skill, they were forming visible patterns that could be translated into mathematical coding. Our 1/2 students are experiencing some hands-on science exploring their understanding of different forms of matter and how they can change with different treatments. The Year 6 students are constructing billycarts and the Year 5 students are exploring Sovereign Hill to learn further about the goldfields. It has been a highly active week.


Allergies and Asthma

With the onset of current weather conditions, we have been aware of the increasing number of children who have suffered with allergic responses and asthmatic symptoms. This is a timely reminder for parents to notify us if their child’s Action Plan requires updating and if there are medical interventions that we need to support. Please contact the school and request to speak to Paul Wallace if there are matters of concern. The following link provides current information about asthma that you might wish to be aware of: https://www.asthmaaustralia.org.au


A Full End-of-Year

It is hard to believe that we are nearing December and our end-of-year calendar is very full. Please note the many class events and whole school events that are scheduled for the coming weeks. If you are not receiving Compass messages, please contact the school so that we can rectify this situation for you.


Check the Important Dates listed on the school website for what’s happening across the last few weeks of term.