Our Curriculum


At Fairfield Primary School, teachers recognise the importance of planning and implementing a learning program that meets the diverse needs of all students. Our aim is to ensure that all students are engaged and challenged so that they experience continual learning growth.


The starting point for this is for teachers to establish what the students already know. Using a range of assessment tools teachers can then identify the next stages for each child’s learning. Staff refer to the Victorian Curriculum when planning and report against the Standards laid out within this document. Teachers plan in teams so that there is cohesion and consistency across and within year groups with the same teaching model used across all classrooms.


When taking part in lessons at Fairfield Primary School, students are active participants who question, discuss and challenge each other. Students have the opportunity to make sense of their learning and recognise there are different ways that problems and concepts can be considered.


Learning tasks are designed to be collaborative and meaningful with students aware of why it is important to be learning a particular topic. Learning takes many forms; sometimes it is new knowledge that the students acquire, however there also a focus on developing new skills and understandings that can be applied in different contexts.


At Fairfield Primary School, we value the importance of students developing knowledge and skills to support their social learning. We support the students in becoming confident and creative individuals, which enables them to take risks and thrive during experiences outside their comfort zone. We value the learner dispositions of students being reflective, risk-takers, thinkers and inquirers and consider ways to incorporate these into our lessons.


Students experience daily lessons in reading, writing and numeracy. These lessons will involve the teacher providing a meaningful learning intention and students working collaboratively on task at their ‘point of need’. Throughout a week, teachers will work alongside small groups of students to provide targeted teaching and feedback.