Grades 6 - 7

At Fairfield Primary School we understand that moving from primary to secondary school is a momentous step in the life of every young person. New subjects, new teachers, new routines, new environments and new friends provide significant new challenges. We want to help ensure that all our Year 6 students experience a comfortable and exciting transition. During term four, our teachers help support students to understand more about the secondary school model.


We encourage parents of Year 6 students to attend information sessions held by secondary schools. This process assists parents and students in selecting a school that reflects their family’s values and educational aims.

  • Placement into a government school is in accordance with the guidelines of each individual school, together with guidelines set out by the Department.
  • Parents who are planning to send their children to independent schools need to follow the process specific to that school.


All government secondary schools in Victoria will have a common Orientation Day where primary school students attend their future secondary school. Independent schools operate individual orientation programs and will provide details to families once their enrolment has been confirmed.