Parent Payments

At the 26 October 2020 meeting, School Council approved the essential and voluntary fees for 2021. Fairfield Primary School makes every effort to keep the cost of items and activities to a minimum and affordable for all parents.


Essential Fees

Essential Education Items: In 2020, School Council approved the essential fees remaining at $330 per student. As indicated in the table, Essential Fees cover the costs of materials and resources used by students every day. This includes both classroom and specialist resources and digital technologies.


Excursion Levy: This will remain the same for Year 1 – 6 families at $200 per student. The Foundation levy will remain at $150 per student. The excursion levy enables students to attend a range of excursions and incursions throughout the year.

* Families who have a credit from the 2020 Excursion & Sports Levy will have the amount credited against their 2021 Excursion & Sports Levy.


Optional Items

Sports Levy: Applies to Year 5 and 6 students only. This will remain at $80 per student.


Voluntary Contributions

Buildings Contributions and Library Contributions: Suggested contributions will remain at $200 per family for each of these funds.


School Nurse Contributions: The suggested contribution of $50 per student will remain. This fee covers the cost of employing a nurse two hours a day for five days a week. The provision of professional medical care and comfort to our children strongly reflects the values of the FPS community.


Librarian Contributions: The suggested contribution of $50 per student will remain to enable the employment of a school librarian.


Payment Options

Instalment Payments: This will be an option for 2021, with families able to pay fees via Compass throughout term one and term two.


Payment in Full: This option will be available with payments made via Compass by the end of term one.


Complete payment details will be provided early next year.


Financial Support for Families

Fairfield Primary School understands that some families may experience financial difficulty and offers a range of support options, including:


For a confidential discussion about accessing these services, or to discuss alternative payment arrangements, please contact the school Principal, Paul Wallace, or the school Business Manager, Jane O’Riley.