Billy cart construction.


Grade 6 student reflections on this term’s learnings.

In my last term of primary school I have learnt and experienced a lot of new things.


For maths I have been learning about BODMAS, quadrilaterals, the circumference and area of circles, decimals, pi, Pythagoras’s theorem, percentages and long division.


In reading this term I have been in a class called ‘Z Squad’ learning about deeper thinking strategies like a-ha moments, again and again, and contrast and contradict. We built on our knowledge and understanding of these strategies by watching videos, having group discussions and reading independently.



Overall I have learnt heaps and I feel really confident about going into high school.


~ Maya R, 6B


My last term in Grade 6 has been a blast so far! I have learned so much more in maths e.g. Pythagoras’s theorem, quadrilaterals and circles.



In writing we studied and wrote memoirs about precious times in our school years at F.P.S. Mine was when my friends and I started playing this game called ‘Spider Tiggy’. We also did our scrapbook for our yearbook. We are also working on poetry which has been fun so far.


In Integrated curriculum we made a motorised vehicle. We did a fair test with all the vehicles. Now we are working on billy carts. I really enjoy it and I can’t wait for the race.


~ Luke W, 6A




In term four this year we have done heaps of projects including mini motorised cars, memoirs, billy carts, graduation, teddy bears in art and lots of maths.


This term in maths we have studied order of operation (BODMAS), pi, angles, the four-process revision, fractions and decimals, tessellations, Escher, Cartesian plane, quadrilaterals and finding out the circumference of a circle. I think my favourite part of maths this term was doing tessellations and the Cartesian plane.


In reading this term we have worked on the stop and note strategies. Some of the stop and note strategies are again and again, words of the wiser, contrast and contradict, a-ha moments and tough questions. We have also been watching a series of episodes called ‘Five Children and It’; these episodes include the stop and note strategies that we have to identify.


In writing we have been working on memoirs for the yearbook. I wrote about the maggot invasion in year four. To write our memoir we read lots of mentor texts to help us form the structure of a memoir. We have also worked on poems. Some of the poems we have been reading are by Tennyson – he was a famous poet.


~ By Lucy J, 6A


My last term of Fairfield primary school has been a great one so far. I have loved all of the learning activities and I have had a great time.


For integrated curriculum (I.C.) this term, to help with our billy carts we put together our own motorized vehicles it was a great idea and required lots small steps and precise measurements. We used lots of mathematics to get accurate answers. We learnt about the simple machines that made up our vehicles. We also learnt about the axles, chassis, motors, batteries and wiring. We had a practice run with our vehicles so that we could make any changes in preparation for the fair test that we had researched so much about. A lot of people had to make changes after that which was helpful. I loved this project and had a great time while doing it.


For writing we started learning about memoirs and the structure of them. We started assessing other mentor text and picking out the good points to put in our own memoirs. We focused on one memoir we had at school to have published in the yearbooks. From our first draft to our final copy we had so many great improvements and we were all very proud of them.  We have also started looking at famous poetry and poets we were asked to write poems about a picture of war and a book that rhymed. We were all so blown away.



Altogether I have had such a great term and I will really miss this school.


~ Simone M, 6A


In my last term of Primary school I have learnt so much. My favourite thing we have done this term has been memoirs. I really enjoyed writing my memoir but I also learned a lot and became much more mature in my writing. I think I now have a bigger vocabulary and describe my characters much better.


Recently in maths we have done quadrilaterals. I have really enjoyed doing that because it has been challenging but once I got the hang of it, it was really interesting.



This whole year has been so successful and I am so excited for the years to come.


~ Dusky H, 6B