Sub Committees

Subcommittees serve as advisory bodies to the School Council and assist Council with their activities. Subcommittees regularly report at School Council meetings to provide advice and make recommendations, however School Council has the final responsibility for decisions. Subcommittees are open to non-school council members and provide members of the school community an opportunity to become involved in school planning and Council matters.

Structure of Sub-Committees

All school councillors should be involved in at least one subcommittee. A subcommittee must consist of at least three members. Each subcommittee has a nominated convenor that is usually a School Council member.


The subcommittee convenor is responsible for:

  • Reporting back to school council and principal about the subcommittee’s recommendations;
  • Ensuring implementation of approved recommendations are monitored;
  • Encouraging school community participation in the subcommittee and school events.

Subcommittees usually meet between regular School Council meetings. This allows time for consideration of their particular area of responsibility and to decide on any necessary action or follow up.


The Social Club

The Fairfield Primary School Social Club plays an essential role in engaging our school community. The Committee is responsible for fundraising within the school, as well as the coordination and oversight of school events, including Art4All and the school fair.


Buildings and Grounds

The Fairfield Primary School Building and Grounds Committee consult on matters relating to maintenance together with immediate and future plans to improve the school’s grounds and buildings.


Much of the grounds maintenance carried out around the school are carried out at community working bees. These scheduled events are held on either a Saturday or Sunday and a BBQ lunch may be provided for the families attending. Together with maintaining the school building and grounds, these events provide opportunity for informal social gathering, for parents and children alike.



The Fairfield Primary School Finance Committee oversees and reports on the annual school budget and investments. The Finance Committee also develop relevant policy and attends to any other matters that may be referred to it by School Council. The Finance Committee does not deal with routine management or operational matters that are the responsibility of the school Principal and school leadership.



The Fairfield Primary School Policy Committee is responsible for the ongoing development and oversight of the school policies, including new policies and policy review. All school policies are posted on the Policy page of our website.