Sub Committees

Subcommittees serve as advisory bodies to the School Council and assist Council with their activities. Subcommittees regularly report at School Council meetings to provide advice and make recommendations, however School Council has the final responsibility for decisions. Subcommittees are open to non-school council members and provide members of the school community an opportunity to become involved in school planning and Council matters.

Structure of Sub-Committees

All school councillors should be involved in at least one subcommittee. A subcommittee must consist of at least three members. Each subcommittee has a nominated convenor that is usually a School Council member.


The subcommittee convenor is responsible for:

  • Reporting back to school council and principal about the subcommittee’s recommendations;
  • Ensuring implementation of approved recommendations are monitored;
  • Encouraging school community participation in the subcommittee and school events.

Subcommittees usually meet between regular School Council meetings. This allows time for consideration of their particular area of responsibility and to decide on any necessary action or follow up.


To view the School Council and Sub-Committee Meeting Schedule for 2019, please click here.


Community Committee

The Fairfield Primary School Community Committee play an essential role in engaging our school community. The Community Committee is responsible for fundraising within the school, together with the coordination and oversight of school events, including Art4All and A Fair to Remember.


The Fairfield Primary School Community Committee responsibilities include:

  • Fund raising;
  • Community engagement;
  • Event coordination and oversight;
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls;
  • School Council communications;
  • Class Community Liaison program;
  • Calendar of social and fundraising events;
  • Farmers Market; and
  • Recruitment and coordination of volunteers.


Buildings and Grounds

The Fairfield Primary School Building and Grounds Committee consult on matters relating to maintenance together with immediate and future plans to improve the school’s grounds and buildings.


The scope of Fairfield Primary School’s Buildings and Grounds Committee includes the commissioning, coordination and oversight of the following:

  • General playground maintenance;
  • Working bees;
  • Building projects;
  • Schedule of maintenance;
  • Playground audit;
  • Supporting the Principal with major and minor development and improvement projects; and
  • Development and implementation of the Fairfield Primary School Grounds Action Plan.

Much of the grounds maintenance carried out around the school are carried out at community working bees. These scheduled events are held on either a Saturday or Sunday and a BBQ lunch may be provided for the families attending. Together with maintaining the school building and grounds, these events provide wonderful opportunities for informal social gatherings for all those involved.


It is the responsibility of the whole school community to ensure that the school is a safe and enjoyable place for our children. We hope that you will support us in fulfilling this very important responsibility.



The Fairfield Primary School Finance Committee oversees and reports on the annual school budget and investments. The Finance Committee also develop relevant policy and attend to any other matter that may be referred to it by School Council. The Finance Committee does not deal with routine management or operational matters that are the responsibility of the school Principal and school leadership.


Following research, consultation and discussion, the Finance Committee will make recommendations to Council. Council has the ultimate decision making responsibility in relation to any recommendations.


The responsibilities of the Fairfield Primary School Finance Committee include:

  • Consolidation of revenue and expenditure,
  • Dedicated transfer of fundraising,
  • Assisting the Principal and School Council with the development of the school’s annual budget;
  • Ensuring that the annual budget supports the school strategic plan;
  • Regularly monitoring and reporting to Council on progress against the budget; Ensuring that the school finances are in accordance with DEECD guidelines and that relevant internal control procedures are maintained;
  • Making recommendations to Council on fundraising activities and liaise with the Community Committee and other school groups concerned with these activities;
  • Assisting in the completion of school tenders e.g. works contracts, school council building contracts;
  • Review of parent payment policy;
  • Assisting the Principal in ensuring that the school operates to a balanced budget and that all liabilities and financial commitments are brought to account in the relevant year.



The Fairfield Primary School Policy Committee is responsible for the ongoing development and oversight of the school policies, including new policies and policy review.


The Fairfield Primary School Policy Committee is responsible for the continued review and maintenance of the following policies:

  • Anaphylaxis Policy
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Camp Policy
  • Communication of Policies Policy
  • Dress Code Uniform Policy
  • Excursion and Incursion Policy
  • Facility Hire Policy
  • First Aid Policy
  • Head Lice Policy
  • Healthy Eating Policy
  • Homework Policy
  • ICT Policy
  • Mandatory Reporting Policy
  • Medication Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sponsorship Policy
  • Student Engagement Policy
  • Student Wellbeing Policy
  • Sun Smart Policy
  • Volunteer Policy