Foundation Transition

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Starting primary school is a significant milestone for all children. The Fairfield Primary School Foundation Transition Program is designed to help our future Foundation (Prep) students become familiar with the facilities, teachers and other students at Fairfield Primary School. This program plays an important part in students’ transition to primary school.

Our program offers both formal and informal opportunities for new families and students. All students will participate in five weekly transition sessions commencing around November. As well as this, the classrooms are open one afternoon a week for parents with their child to experience the classroom setting and to meet other families informally.


There are two information sessions for new families. One is scheduled in November the year prior to commencement and one early in February of the year the child commences Foundation, after students have commenced school. During the month of February, Foundation students attend school four days a week, with no school on Wednesdays. Over the course of these Wednesdays, teachers will roster an interview with the child and the parent(s) to conduct some diagnostic testing and provide a general information sharing opportunity.


We believe that the Foundation Transition Program is highly successful and positive, helping to make students feel more confident about joining the Fairfield Primary School community. Our Transition Program provides an opportunity for students to meet their fellow classmates and begin the process of establishing friendships within their own year level and across the school. Students can familiarise themselves with new learning environments and get to know the Fairfield Primary School teaching staff.


A successful and enjoyable transition to school will allow your child to commence Foundation with confidence. Our extensive transition program provides a range of experiences to help ensure both you and your child are ready for their first steps as a new Foundation student.