Specialist Programs

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The Specialist program at Fairfield Primary School is an integral part of the whole school curriculum. We offer a comprehensive program that provides students with a multitude of opportunities to continually advance their physical, creative, social and cognitive abilities. There are wonderful opportunities for students to develop their skills and interests across a broad range of activities including:

  • STEM/Science
  • Physical Education
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • French


With the introduction of our new STEM program, our aim is to help students develop an interest in science and technology, sparking their curiosity and willingness to explore and question the world around them. We are currently focusing on establishing Science and will continue to build up to other aspects of STEM in the years ahead.


Students will delve into science streams, including investigations of the nature of living things, of the Earth and its place in the cosmos, and of the physical and chemical processes that explain the behaviour of all material things.


Students will be involved in hands on experiments and investigations as well as developing their understanding of the nature of scientific inquiry and the ability to question, plan, collect and analyse data, evaluate results, and draw conclusions.


Physical Education

The Physical Education program at Fairfield Primary School assists students to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions required to achieve independence in developing and maintaining their physical, mental, social and emotional health. Our program highlights the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.


At Fairfield Primary School, students are involved in many forms of physical activity, from individual and non-competitive activity to competitive team games. Students develop fundamental motor skills before progressing to complex movement patterns that are integral to team sports. Students develop an understanding of how developing physical capability in flexibility, strength and endurance is related to both fitness and physical performance. Our program encourages students to enjoy being active as they integrate motor skills and tactical knowledge to improve individual and team performance. Emphasis is on participation and improvement not winning.


Students develop an understanding of rules, teamwork skills, sportsmanship, fair play and game strategies, enabling them to participate in movement and physical activity safely and confidently. Students learn the skills of variety of roles including umpire, coach, player and coordinator and assume responsibility for the organisation of aspects of a sporting competition.




District Sport

Students from Grade 3-6 participate in District Sport carnivals throughout the year competing in sports such as swimming, athletics and cross country. These carnivals commence at a District Level. Successful competitors may qualify for Division competition which may continue through to Region finals and State finals.


House Sports and Athletics

Our House Sports and Athletics program aims to promote participation, team work and whole school connectedness. Separate House sport and athletics carnivals are held annually for both senior (Grades 3-6) and junior (Foundation-Grade 2) students. Students in Grade 3-6 also participate in our annual House Swimming sports. Parents and families often attend as spectators and a picnic carnival is encouraged.


Interschool Sport Program

Our Grade 6 students compete amongst our District schools in weekly interschool team sport. The Grade 6 Interschool sports program provides every student an opportunity to practise and further develop team skills. These games focus on participation and enjoyment. Students are challenged to engage in sports they may not routinely play outside of school. Interschool sports is an opportunity for all students regardless of ability to compete and enjoy being active.


Sports covered within the interschool sports program include: Cricket, Softball, Bat Tennis, Rounders, Football, Soccer, Netball and Newcombe Ball. Games are played home and away across the various schools. Home games are played within the Fairfield Primary School grounds and Pitcher Park.


The Physical Education and Sport programs at Fairfield Primary School provide students with the knowledge, skills and behaviours necessary for the pursuit of lifelong involvement in physical activity, health and wellbeing.


Performing Arts

Fairfield Primary School’s Performing Arts program aims to extend students’ skills, knowledge and enjoyment of music, drama and dance. Students employ voice, instruments and body percussion to experiment with elements of music including tempo, dynamics and metre. Graphic and conventional notation is studied in increasing complexity, with students learning to create and read scores and chord charts. Through dance, dramatic play and music, students create mood and convey meaning, developing choreography, stage craft and composition skills that culminate in the design, direction and performance of ensemble productions.


Students work collaboratively to create rich and varied performances using voice, drama, dance and musical instruments. Concerts and stage productions are arranged into Grades 1-2, Grades 3-4 and Grades 5-6 and each area stages a full-scale performance annually.


To complement our Performing Arts program, Fairfield Primary School offers students the opportunity to participate in Orchestral, Brass and Choir programs. In partnership with Thornbury High School our students perform at assemblies, Fairfield Primary School events and Thornbury High School concerts.


Visual Arts

The Fairfield Primary School Visual Arts program serves as a medium for each student’s self-expression and is designed to promote creativity and imagination.


The foundation of our Visual Arts Program at Fairfield Primary School is celebrating art appreciation. Our students communicate their ideas and feelings, discover the art elements and principles, and practise the skills, techniques and processes involved in creating art, through the appreciation of an artist or an art style.

Each year, we consider the previous six artists studied, together with the broader curriculum themes, and select an artist whose work is distinctive and easily recognised.


Students exercise their emotions and intellect through interpretation, responding to, observing and experiencing a broad range of art forms, including painting, printmaking, graphics, collage, ceramics, sculpture and textiles. Each art form is energised by the unique style of the artist of the year.


It is our aim for our students to recognise, appreciate and respond to at least seven artists/art styles by the time they leave for secondary school.


With this knowledge, they will be informed and confident to participate fully in visual art throughout their lives.

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Fairfield Primary School’s

Visual Arts Projects and Artists in Residence

The Visual Arts Program at Fairfield Primary is supported and enriched by the involvement of a diverse number of inspiring artists. They share their experiences as professional artists, providing students opportunities to engage with new and different understandings further elevating their connection to the Arts. Our students benefit greatly by working with these talented, accomplished artists to further develop their creativity and appreciation of Visual Arts.


These community artists have the opportunity to be part of our Visual Art Program through the Professional Involvement Project, funded by the School Council and coordinated by Marjie Tkatchenko.


French (LOTE)

At Fairfield Primary School we understand foreign language learning is multidimensional and we aim to deliver French lessons that empower students to engage with and connect to the diverse world in which they live. Together with a strong ability to understand and communicate through French, our students gain a broader appreciation for French learning and culture, by participating meaningfully in intercultural experiences, skill development, knowledge application and exploration of creativity in French.


At Fairfield Primary School students’ knowledge and understanding of French is initially developed through listening to and repeating others, playing games and singing songs. As students progress through their primary years, they increasingly explore French reading materials and are eventually introduced to writing and composition skills. In the classroom, students are actively encouraged to converse in French and student endeavours are positively reinforced in the lesson.


Our French lessons are student centred, derived from student interests and support each student’s ability in French. Progress is emphasised. Common phrases and topics are revised to ensure retention and understanding.


Learning French is a positive, happy, fun, valuable and purposeful subject in our school. Students explore different forms of communication and expression employing French language and awareness of cultural contexts. They make connections with their own English language and compare and contrast many structures and features of the two languages. Students learn about France and the many places around the globe where French is widely spoken. These cultural lessons involve cooperative learning, discussion, reflection, research and class projects.