Enrolment Process & Forms



Fairfield Primary School will enrol children who have turned five years old by 30th April in the year they are to commence school.


Enrolment Process

To enrol your child at Fairfield Primary School, please complete the “Student Enrolment Form” and return it to our school office. We accept enrolments for the upcoming year from March onward. We do not manage a waiting list for families wanting to apply for years beyond the next school year. If you have questions regarding enrolment, we encourage you to contact our school office. As part of the enrolment process we also require the following documentation:

  • Your child’s Birth Certificate (or equivalent)
  • Your child’s Immunisation Certificate/Record
  • For new families to the school, we also require proof of your current residential address (utility bill, driver licence, rental agreement, etc.)

Please hand these in to the office with your Student Enrolment Form. These forms must be provided with your completed enrolment form for your child to be enroled.


Upon receipt of your enrolment form, an appointment may be made for you and your child/ren to meet with the Principal or Assistant Principal to further discuss your application.


School Tours

Each year, in May/June, we offer school tours. Tour dates and registration details will be posted to our homepage by the end of March. We encourage all prospective families to book a tour to see our learning and teaching in action.


Next Steps

We encourage families interested in enroling at Fairfield Primary School to do so by the end of June. We send out offers of placement in our Foundation (Prep) classes at the end of July and and our Transition Program is held in November.


Download the 2020 Student Enrolment Form