Enrolment Process & Forms



Fairfield Primary School will enrol and admit children who will be five years of age or older at 30th April in the year they commence.

Enrolment Process

If you wish to enrol your child at Fairfield Primary School, please contact the school Office. The Office staff will be happy to assist you with your enrolment and answer any queries you may have.


As part of the application process at Fairfield Primary School you will need complete an Application for Enrolment form. This confidential form asks for personal information about your child as well as family members and others that provide are for your child. The main purpose for collecting this information is so that we can register your child and allocate staff and resources to provide for their educational and support needs. All staff at Fairfield Primary School and the Department of Education & Early Childhood Development are required by law to protect the information provided by this enrolment form.


Health information is collected so that staff at Fairfield Primary School can properly care for your child. We require information about all parents, guardians or carers so that we can take account of family arrangements.


Upon receipt of your application form, an appointment may be made for you and your child/ren to meet with the Principal or Assistant Principal to further discuss your application.


Following approval of your child enrolment, you will receive a letter of offer in the mail and further contact will be made to discuss your child’s induction.


Your child’s ORIGINAL Birth Certificate (or equivalent) and Immunisation Certificate must be provided with your completed Enrolment form for your child to be enrolled.

Application for Enrolment 2019