Fairfield Primary School has been exploring a Genre Study approach to the teaching of writing this semester. This was examined in greater detail during our whole school writing moderation on Monday 31 October. Teams worked together to analyse student writing samples to gain a consistent understanding of how these samples are linked to success indicators in the curriculum. This information has been used by teachers to determine the next teaching foci for each student.

During the Year 1/2 genre study this term students have been exploring advertisements. This genre of writing is a form of persuasive writing. The main understandings from the unit included:

  • Advertisements are written to put forward a point of view, persuade the audience to act in a certain way or adopt a particular behaviour.
  • Writers of advertisements use fact and opinion to convince a reader.
  • To persuade an audience, authors also use persuasive devices such as; repetition, alliteration, slogans, emotive language and calls to action.
  • The layout of an advertisement is designed to catch the attention of the audience and to draw their attention to particular aspects of the product.

The students have been immersed in this genre of writing. They have drawn out common features through reading a variety of examples. They have learnt to recognise facts and opinions in their own reading and they have experimented with the use of persuasive devices.

This week marks the conclusion of the unit and to celebrate the achievements of all of the author’s in 1/2 they have exhibited their work for other students, families and parents to see.

Here are some reflections of the exhibition from our young advertisers:

  • I thought that it was good that some ads had bits and bobs of persuasive devices. I loved that as people walked around the room, I heard some ‘wows’ and ‘amazing’ and [saw] the surprised faces. All the ads had some amazing calls to action and emotive language. I loved the layout and images. I liked the way people had the courage to show adults the ads even if they thought someone’s was better.  ~ Ella 
  • I really liked seeing how much I have learned in this writing session. I can’t wait to show my dad and my brother and family. I like my friends’ effort too and how many details they put in and their topic. People also kept asking me where mine was, which felt really nice. It looked like they had a big smile for effort.  ~ Amelia 
  • I felt that everyone put a lot of effort in to their work. It looked as good as it can be so people want to buy whatever you’re selling. It was the best!  ~ Ewan
  • I think it was really fun because all the parents were smiling. I feel proud and happy. I think my mum was very very proud of me. I feel very happy that we finally got to to show our advertisements because I have been dying to show them. I think it was great because all our parents were smiling.  ~ Lynette
  • I was nervous at the start but then I got used to it. I liked how my mum came too. She said it was brilliant! Now I feel proud.  ~ Matilda