Transitions Across the School

Foundation 2017

The school is in the process of preparing for transition in 2017. We welcomed our 2017 Foundation students on Wednesday, and next month our Year 6 students will attend an Orientation Day at their secondary school.


The 2017 Foundation students will continue their orientation program on 16th, 23rd and 30th November (9.30am – 10.30am). During this time, the 2016 Foundation students will be taught by myself and Rebecca Creswick, and students will also spend some time in the Year 1/2 classes.


Foundation – Year 5

Transition within the school is being carefully planned to support students as they move on to their next year of learning. Staff are beginning to plan class lists for 2017; this is a complex process which takes into consideration a range of academic and social factors for every student. Students are given the opportunity to identify peers that they work well with. During the final stage of the process, I work alongside all teachers in finalising class lists to create the opportunity for the best learning experience for next year.


To support students for their transition in 2017, the school will provide transition sessions which allow them to become familiar with their future learning experience. During these sessions, students will visit the classroom of the year group that they will join next year, with a teacher that is currently teaching that year group. The dates of these sessions are Thursday 8 December, Friday 9 December (Foundation – Year 1 only) and Monday 12 December.


On Wednesday 14 December students will be informed of their grades for 2017 and will meet their new teacher in their new classroom. Also on this day the semester two reports and some general 2017 information will be sent home.



APR-17-2Last week Year 5 students visited Melbourne CBD to further explore their Inquiry unit. During this excursion, students located significant landmarks to support them in writing their historical fiction pieces. Students also visited the Chinese Museum to explore the factors of migration.


This excursion is one of many that students have experienced throughout the school year. Excursions offer rich, meaningful connections to the work in the classroom. It often provides insights that can only be developed through first hand experiences.


Evacuation Drill

Yesterday the school carried out an emergency evacuation practice. The students are to be congratulated for how well they followed their instructions and responded to this drill. Students were made aware of the reason for the practice and why there may be times that we may need to evacuate the building.


Child Safety Handbook

ChildSafetyHandbook-17Foundation students will today bring home a handbook for parents– ‘Child Safety Handbook’. This handbook has been produced statewide by Victoria Police Legacy, aiming to raise awareness about the risks to children and the steps that can be taken to keep them safe. It contains valuable information on a range of topics including:

  • Personal Safety
  • Safety at Home
  • Outdoor Safety
  • Road Safety

For parents of students in other year groups, there are extra copies of this handbook in the office.