The choir and orchestra thoroughly enjoyed performing in the gallery at Art4All. Here is our set list:

  • Choir I am Australian
  • Orchestra La Vie en Rose
  • Choir Nara Bura Fera
  • Orchestra Harry Potter theme
  • Choir Outdoors (Bruno Mars parody)
  • Orchestra Theme tune from Rocky


Student comments:

  • It was so much fun! Ursula and Elise helped put it together. I loved all the songs and the way everyone helps everyone in the orchestra. We always have a laugh. We loved performing and there’s always a bit of drama before the performance. I lost my music and Ursula came in like superwoman and got me the music! ~ Minnie O’Sullivan, 5A


  • We felt that it was a great opportunity to be there singing traditional Australian songs with the Indigenous art work around us. We loved how the crowd sang along and were smiling and humming the tunes. It felt special to be in the middle of the art gallery with so many people watching us. With all the many performances we have done, this one has been the most enjoyable. It was good to play music on a very fun day! ~ Hannah Choate and Rose Beattie, 5B


  • It was amazing to see everyone looking at us and enjoying the music we were playing. We felt that we were doing better towards the end of the concert. We were pushed to do our best because we could see such a big crowd watching. ~ Ciara Tse Farrell and Charlotte Noble, 5A


  • The best thing about being in the orchestra is that I can keep up my piano practice and get to play with my friends. I think performing the music was special because it was my first time at the Art Show which I thought it was unique with so many activities to do. I had a lot of fun. ~ Emily Li, 5A


  • I got so many compliments after the performance. I felt so good that I had contributed a lot to the orchestra. My favourite bit was playing the main melody line in Harry Potter. Being in the centre of the gallery was special. ~ Collette Mullen, 5A