Billy Cart Derby and Silent Auction

A silent auction of each billy cart was run in conjunction with a ‘Show and Shine’ exhibition of the Year 6 student’s Technology and Design inquiry collaborative learning project. Each team had a passion about an issue and researched who and how the charity helped people in our community.


Every morning and afternoon this week, the billy carts were displayed in the shelter shed for our school community to view the student’s work. Teams had organised bidding sheets, information about their charity and additional information about the making of their billy cart to talk to prospective bidders and interested people.


We thank all those who have made a bid!


The Races!

This afternoon the Year 6 students hosted their billy cart derby. After a parade around the oval to display their vehicles, the teams got down to business with a series of time trials. It was all action and lots of fun and cheering from the spectators. Congratulations to all teams and thanks for showing off your machines in the Parade of Champions.