Remote Learning

Remote Learning Platform

At Fairfield Primary School, we use Google Classrooms as our remote learning platform. Students access their Google Classroom via a secure login (


What does remote learning look like at FPS?

  • Students start their day by accessing the Classroom Stream. Here they find a daily on-demand check-in video from their class teacher and discover their assigned daily activities.
  • Assigned tasks are varied. Some will require working through an online activity and others will involve students to respond in a range of ways; this includes writing using pencil and paper, drawing and investigating real life experiences.
  • Online learning spans the curriculum. Class teachers teach the subjects of Reading, Writing, Mathematics and the Inquiry subjects (History, Science, Geography, etc.) as well implementing plans that support student wellbeing. Specialist teachers provide lessons in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, French and Physical Education.
  • Video/live meetings are held between the teacher and individual students, small groups and the whole class.
  • Students keep in touch with their teacher through stream comments, uploading tasks or responding to feedback. Students can post private comments/questions to their teacher and make public comments to their class.


Home Learning Tips

  • Where possible, remote learning should take place in a family space (e.g. lounge room or dining room). These spaces are preferable over a bedroom, where your child can feel isolated and supervision can be more challenging.
  • Try to establish and maintain a daily routine. The most important aspect is to find a routine that works for your family.
  • Start and end each day with a check-in to help your child.
  • Clarify and understand the instructions they get from their teachers.
  • Help your child organise themselves and set priorities for their learning at home.
  • Monitor how much time your child is spending online.
  • Encourage regular exercise breaks. This might mean going for a walk, using exercise DVDs and apps, dancing, floor exercises or using home exercise equipment. There will also be physical activities suggested in Google Classroom.


The Reality of Home Learning

As a school, we firstly recognise the importance of a child’s mental and physical wellbeing, particularly at this time. All families have different dynamics, requirements and challenges, and many parents are understandably concerned about how they can continue to manage their work commitments whilst caring for and supporting their child/children’s learning.


At Fairfield Primary School, the last thing we want is for remote learning to create extra pressure on any household. We are grateful for any support parents can provide, and being realistic of the situation, we do not have the expectation that students will complete all tasks assigned.


Parents may feel that their role is to educate their children; this is not the case – teachers will teach the students. The most important thing you can do is to continue to provide comfort, support and encouragement to your child.


Wellbeing Resources