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Group 9 Orientation Session: Thursday 26 November

On the Day your Child Attends Orientation

  • Enter the school at the Wingrove Street gate next to the playground between 9:05 – 9:15am. Please do not enter the grounds earlier – social distancing measures are in place for families dropping current students at school. You will be met by a Foundation teacher who will be waiting at a table inside the school gate.
  • Sign in your child and help them to put on a name tag.
  • Parents provide any medication to the teacher, if required (anaphylaxis medication, asthma medication).
  • Once you have said goodbye to your child, the group of children will go to the classroom. At this time, parents are to leave the school grounds.
  • Parents are to meet their child at 10:30am, at the table inside the Wingrove Street gate. Children will be returned to this gate by the teacher at 10:30am. Please sign your child out and leave the school grounds promptly – current students will be using the playground shortly afterwards.


What to Bring to Orientation

  • Children are to bring/wear a named sun hat.
  • Bring a named bottle of water. Restrictions mean that our drinking fountains are not in use.
  • No snacks required.



  • Parking close to the school can be a challenge. We encourage those who can walk to do so. If you are driving, please allow time to find a parking space.
  • Some locations around the school have parking restrictions. Please follow the restrictions accordingly.