Parents and Community

Fairfield Primary School is a vibrant and engaged community. We value the relationships we share with our families and place equal value of the relationships families share with one another.


At Fairfield Primary School we embrace the concept of partnership with families and we encourage parental involvement. We understand that when families commence their primary school journey, many parents welcome opportunities to become involved in their child’s classroom and the broader school community.  We also understand that parents lead busy lives with multiple commitments and limited available time. With this in mind, we offer a range of opportunities for parents to become involved in their child’s learning and in our vibrant school community.


Opportunities to become involved in your child’s learning include:

  • Assisting with classroom reading in the Junior School
  • Assisting with school productions
  • Accompanying class excursions
  • Attending sporting events and other performances
  • Attending parent information evenings, family nights and assemblies
  • Attending your child’s class open afternoons, exhibitions and other presentations of learning


Beyond the classroom, we strongly believe in the importance of fostering relationships among our families and within our local community. Parental friendships and community relationships help children feel secure and confident, and provide model examples of appropriate social behaviours. To assist families in establishing and maintaining community connections, we host a range of school and community based events. These events provide parents with an opportunity to actively contribute to the school community by attending or by volunteering to assist in their planning and operation.


Community based events at Fairfield Primary School include:

  • Welcome Picnic
  • Annual Fair
  • School Council and Sub-committees
  • Parent social events (dinners, drinks evenings, coffee mornings, etc)
  • Art4All (community based art show hosted by Fairfield Primary School)
  • Fairfield Farmers Market (3rd and 5th Saturday of each month)
  • Working Bees
  • Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations


Volunteering at Fairfield Primary School

We invite all family members who currently volunteer, or wish to volunteer in any capacity at the school, to view our volunteer presentation and complete the induction checklist at the school office. The purpose of this presentation is to help foster the home/school partnership, provide information on the expectation of volunteers, and to communicate school OSH requirements.