How do we learn to read in French?

Frenchvideo17Here is a video of a French Class in action!


Here are some of the ways that reading skills are targeted in the French room.

  • Repeat teacher-modelled use of the language whilst looking at the text.
  • Participate in choral use of the language such as singing songs and learning phrases that are on display in the classroom.
  • Repeat and revise reading passages such as stories, songs, phrases and vocabulary.
  • Identify the names of visible objects and items from visual cues such as flashcards.
  • Recognise and compare the different sounds of similar letters in English and demonstrate differences for key sounds.
  • Have a go at reading and interpreting short texts in a supported environment- such as 1:1 with the teacher, in small groups and guided tasks.
  • Locate words that look like/are connected to the words in English and get ‘the gist’ of a reading passage.
  • Refer to word walls and word banks when locating vocabulary to support listening, speaking and writing in the classroom.
  • Regular practice of locating and understanding known vocabulary in a variety of contexts.
  • Listen and follow along with stories in the French language.
  • Share and celebrate written work: reading with our friends.
  • Participate in fun activities such as drama performances from read texts.
  • Respond to French texts in a variety of ways such as creating our own version of a text or working in a group to create a digital response such as a short film.
  • Look at stimulating material such as videos and songs that include subtitles in French to support reading.