It’s hard to believe that the Foundation children’s first year of school is almost coming to a close—what a wild ride it’s been!

Scientific Exploration

Term four began with a bang (literally!) after a visit from Jamie from Silly Science. Building on the children’s interest in ‘disgusting science’ from term three, Jamie introduced us to the concept of cause and effect in science. We made rockets explode with vinegar and bicarb soda, we pushed pencils through plastic bags of water, we made things move using magnets and, of course, we made slime! In Exploration this week we have been taking advantage of the warm weather, going outside to extend this experience, making crazy concoctions, playdough, and slime using all kinds of materials you can find at home.


Here are some comments from the students about their scientific exploration:

  • The rockets popped off because of the white stuff and vinegar. ~ Kira Stahlbock, Foundation B
  • I used to think it was magic, now I think it’s chemical (About the rockets). ~ Hamish Kempen, Foundation C
  • It had some water and stuff mixed in with gluey stuff. It had a reaction to make the slime. ~ Archie Kloss

Learning Auslan

We have also been fortunate to have Courtney (Taioma’s mother) visit us this term to teach us some Auslan. Courtney started by asking, “How are you?” and introducing us to some signs about emotions. The children really enjoyed the session and have been practising asking each other how they are feeling in the mornings and signing a round of applause!

Writing Stories

Writing stories has been very popular recently. We have begun planning, writing and publishing our own stories. Come in and visit the Foundation learning space for the highly acclaimed new release titles including ‘Colours’ (also translated into French), ‘When Dad and Me got Locked Out’, ‘Racing Cars’, ‘This Book is all about Cheetahs’ and ‘Once Upon a Time There Was a Cat Farm’ as well as a retelling of the Australian classic ‘Wombat Stew’.


F17-boomerangIn Foundation we have been working on narratives. Lucas W wrote about the day he showed us a boomerang he had made during the holidays. He taught us how to throw it too!


Lucas wrote, “This is Lucas and his boomerang and I made the boomerang in Halls Gap.”