State Athletics

There has been plenty of sporting success during the last couple of weeks. Congratulations to the 9/10 boys relay team of Jasper Hopkins, Uche Ozougwu, Angus Watson and Will Mooney who came 10th in the state. Will Mooney competed in the 800m event and finished 5th. Tom Diamond also qualified individually in the 1500m and finished 8th. Well done to all those students!


Girls Basketball

The grade 6 Girls Basketball team won their division playoff game against Preston West PS and played in the region round robin tournament today at Mill Park.


Girls Soccer

GirlsSoccer15After weeks of practice, the grade 5/6 girls soccer team took on our local schools in a friendly competition…no amount of rain, hail or shine would get in the way of these girls and their soccer!


The day was aimed at engaging young girls in experiencing a sense of joy and empowerment through sport. I felt a true sense of pride to see our Fairfield girls facing the challenges of the day with fairness, respect and a sense of humour, while embracing the competition with guts and determination.


Thank you to Geoff and Paul for organising the event, to the parents who generously donated their time and congratulations to all the girls who played, it was an honour to support you.


~ Anna Lithgow, teacher and soccer supporter



Fencing has begun for the grade five students. Here is a first impression:


Whoa! I have just finished the fencing activity for the first time. It was so fun! We learnt how to put on our uniform (which I thought looked like a karate uniform—I was wrong.) The masks were cool. We were handed our foils, but before that we had to learn the basic moves. En garde, step forward/back, cross forward/back and how to thrust and attack.


The instructor taught us that it someone thrusts at you, you can step back to dodge it, then you step forward, countering their attack! I called it ‘step back then attack.’ We also did a few exercises. In pairs we put hands on each other shoulders and then you had to try and step on your opponent’s feet. This helped balance and quickness on our feet.


After heaps of practise and preparation we got into the area—I felt like a Jedi. We had to salute each other without our helmets on before a match. We weren¹t allowed to block each other’s attacks with the foils just yet, so we could only step back and attack! The next class was watching us by then, and from the looks on their faces, they were just as eager as we were!


~ Ethan – 5A Fencer