On the 21st October, 5A and Foundation C conducted a science experiment. We were making parachutes to land an egg safely. The parachutes were mainly made out of things you would find in your house (garbage bags, string, tape, etc.) We made two parachutes, one big (50 cm by 50 cm) and a small one (30 cm by 30 cm). The preps made guesses (hypothesis) as to what they thought would happen.

  • The small one will go fast and crash and the big parachute will float and land.  ~ Ruby
  • The big parachute will slow down and the small one will drop more hard.  ~ Chelsea
  • The small one will go slowly because it is small. The big parachute will catch more air and will glide.  ~ Jack

We set off to the playground to drop them, record the times and make observations. Most of the eggs cracked and some survived. At the end, we read over our hypothesis, drew our observations, wrote down our results and explained what we learnt. We had lots of fun.  ~ Georgia, 5A