Professor Calculus, from Tintin

It has been a very enjoyable and busy term in the French department. We welcomed the Foundation students to the program and they have learnt so much already! They can interact and greet one another in French, count to 20, name some colours and animals as well as sing a variety of songs and respond to classroom instructions in French.


The Grade 1/2 students have learnt all about animals. They love the story of ‘Les Animaux du Bayou’ and can say the rap of Suzie la souris (Suzie the mouse) on request!


Grade 3/4 students have learnt how to talk and write about the weather. The learning unit culminated in presenting their own texts on a chosen season. Children worked on oral language skills by videoing a reading of their texts.


Calude Monet

Claude Monet

Grade 5 students have been engaged with cooking and the language of food. They enjoyed making crêpes at school and are just finishing interesting projects about a chosen French food.


Grade 6 students are communicating in the future tense, using le futur proche (the near future tense) to discuss what they are going to do this weekend. Students have worked hard, completing reading and writing tasks.


It has been wonderful to interact in French with children and parents around the school.


Bonnes vacances!